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Outrovert is a play on the words (and idea) of the introvert and extrovert. The comic and its subsequential brand is created to explore the social challenges of an introverted individual who still seeks out meaningful interactions with others. I wrote, branded, and illustrated this comic using the Adobe Suite, where I developed its bright atmosphere, juxtaposing its mostly-somber themes.

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Mini Comics.

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To accompany my story and its brand, I designed merchandising products that would be available for my viewers.

Turtle Mug
Shirt mockup_final
Notebook Mockup
Phonecase mockup_final
Outrovert Poster Mockup
Sticker mockup_final
TShirt Mockup2
Stickers Mockup

This idea was conceived in my bedroom during the winter of 2018. I was having a conversation with a friend about the town my family lives in; Okemos, Michigan. Okemos is an extremely simple town. It's comfortable and quiet, so much so that when I go home for the summer I stay indoors all day, stuck inside my bubble. I am and have always been an introvert. I like being tucked away in my corner, but I am also hyper-aware of the fact that I have to go out occasionally if I ever want to get anything done. 
Outrovert explores the idea of an introverted individual who struggles with everyday tasks in an attempt to fulfill the parts of his life that require him to step outside of his comforts zone. I know I'm not the only one who has to deal with challenges such as these so I make comics that people can relate to.

After settling on the logo for my comic I went digital and began piecing my brand together. 

Brand Style Guide.

Challenges & Successes.

It was so much fun creating the world of Outrovert, however, I feel that since I took on so many aspects of the brand, I've only just scratched the surface. I would have liked to focus more on developing the story all the way to the end, but am glad that I was able to work on the actual branding points of the product. I will definitely continue on with Outrovert, and hopefully, build an actual audience that can benefit from what I've created.

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