Progress Billboard Poster
Progress Subway Poster

Inspired by the structural elements of knolling, I designed a modern take on what the word "progress" means. The text "progress" is entangled and formed by a series of wires, informing the viewer of the complexity of advancing in technology; which exists to make the human experience easier. 


I started with sketches to hone in on my topic and organize what objects would be included in it.

Thumbnail Sketch 4
Thumbnail Sketch 1
Thumbnail Sketch 2

The objects I chose are all significant pieces of technology in the country and overseas. Below are sketches from my layout phase. Progress had to be visible in a bold kind of way, which is why I placed chaos around it. The busyness of the wires forces the viewer to the center as a focal point.

Layout 1
Layout Sketch 2

Here are some overhead photos take for the final design.